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Showcasing Historic Jeddah as a Hub for Culture & Entertainment
Jeddah Historic Festival was one of the components of Jeddah Season, a 6-week long  festival that took place in the Summer of 2019 across 5 prominent locations. Historic Jeddah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and our involvement in Jeddah Historic Festival gave us the opportunity to showcase Historic Jeddah’s rich history and heritage, creating memorable experiences in the heart of this remarkable city.
The Challenge
Jeddah Historic Festival was different from the other parts of Jeddah Season; it had the long-term vision of establishing Historic Jeddah as the Art District of the city. And so it was essential that everything visitors laid their eyes on supported the positioning of Historic Jeddah as  a hub for art and talent enablement. We also needed to ensure that we safeguarded the visual branding of the festival and developed unified experiences and unique user journeys for all visitors, while working within the short lead time that we had been provided with. We wanted to make Jeddah Historic Festival a key location where visitors could share their stories and portray their experiences.
The Process
Our process began with workshops with the Ministry of Culture which allowed us to gather insights as we identified desired outcomes and key strategic objectives that reflected on the true essence of Historic Jeddah and its new positioning. This allowed us to refine the core brand identity and define the mood of Jeddah Historic Festival. We accordingly conceptualized the overall experience and the environmental design for the location, ensuring that we would beautify iconic Jeddah while weaving it with colorful threads. We then worked with partners to bring our concept and vision to life, supervising installation and considering all touchpoints to ensure that Historic Jeddah provided a seamless experience that was exceptional in every way. We also developed the marketing & communication strategy and led its implementation, overseeing various partners as they executed plans in accordance with the Festival’s vision. We used a variety of tools, whether they be social media or the Festival website and brochures, to drive traffic and tie together all aspects of the Festival, leading to the desired engagement and impact.
The Experience
Jeddah Historic Festival had many firsts for Historic Jeddah; whether it was immersive theatre productions, fine dining, entertainment for different audiences or historical & cultural activities; a multitude of occurrences and installations were developed to provide captivating experiences that had visitors coming back for more. Through our artistic colorful translations of the old buildings in the area, we were able to accent the culture and heritage on display with a modern look & feel that allowed the two to complement one another.  Visitors were amazed by the structures around them such as the Art Pillars next to Bab Jadeed which continued to be a landmark even after the conclusion of the Festival. It was important for us to communicate all of the touchpoints that were brought to life through the coordination of multiple  entities,  all of which contributed to creating the experience. Historic Jeddah had its own platform which not only built awareness of the diverse range of Festival activities on offer, but also showcased the potential of Historic Jeddah as the city’s Art District where individuals’ dreams could become reality. There was friendly competition between the different Jeddah Season locations, and our influencers strategy and ability to keep our mobile web microsite updated with the latest schedules and developments, really helped us to position Historic Jeddah as one of the most exciting places to visit during Jeddah Season. Despite the short period of time we had available, we were able to have a phenomenal impact as Jeddah Historic Festival became one of the most successful components of Jeddah Season. Through fusing culture with entertainment, and as the stories of Historic Jeddah were interlaced with the stories of every individual who interacted with them, we were able to inspire a whole generation as they perceived Historic Jeddah in a completely new light.



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3rd Floor, Jana Heights,
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