About Us

Taurus believes that human centricity
begins with intrinsic values

Intrinsic values make up the basis for any human experience and facilitate delivering the desired impact. We believe that every experience is a human experience, and that learning only comes from doing. Hence, using empathy and intuition as our primary tools, at Taurus we design experiences that fulfill human needs, address human preferences and unlock human mindsets. We are living proof that when like-hearted, like-minded and like-intended people come together; they redefine the limits of what is possible.

To build human-centered experiences reflecting the core state of natural being ‘Fitra’ through the alignment of intent, function, and design; thus positively impacting the people we touch and the lives of the people we engage with.
To embrace the human-centered approach to design and implement distinctive, innovative and relevant solutions that deliver impact and value amongst our partners, stakeholders & communities. 

We don’t take anything for granted, we believe the biggest solutions come from the smallest & simplest triggers that resonate with people and influence the experiences they have.”

Ziad Jarrar, Founder/Chief Design Officer

Our Values, the core
element of our actions 
We believe it is the basis of any relationship, with it comes respect, transparency and looking out for the interest of the other side.
We never give up on moving forward. For us challenges are opportunities for impact, they fuel us.
We learn to flourish as humans and strive to be the best version of ourselves. We remain students of what we haven’t done, seen or known. 
We like to keep our minds open with possibility, our hearts filled with passion and desire opportunities. Without passion, life ends.
We remain humble because with humility comes vulnerability and that is the key to true innovation and human design centricity. 




Suite 301,
3rd Floor, Jana Heights,
Malik Road, Jeddah, KSA


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