We at Taurus believe that by aligning intent, function, and design; we create solutions that are intrinsically relevant to people and speak to the natural, human-centered design experience (fitra) as part of delivering the desired impact. Our strongest tools are our empathy and intuition, honed as a result of the unique and varied life experiences we’ve had, and projects we’ve worked on. Every project we take on is one that we identify with, and one that we believe will have a positive impact.  Taurus believes that learning only comes from doing, and we are living proof that when like-hearted, like-minded and like-intended people come together; they redefine the limits of what is possible.

Case STudies
Diriyah Gate Development Authority

The Jewel
of the Kingdom

Preparing a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Global Community

While approaching this project, we knew that everything the visitors laid their eyes on, whether it was inside Diriyah or outside of it (e.g. airports, billboards), needed to showcase how they were being welcomed to Saudi Arabia and specifically to Diriyah, the Jewel of the Kingdom. We therefore created a complete experiential journey for the visitors, made possible by the renovation of the Welcome Center in Diriyah, which had huge screens added to it to display information about Diriyah and the Diriyah Gate project.


Promoting Financial Literacy
for University Students


SEDCO approached us to work with them to develop a program that would help improve the financial literacy of university students in Saudi Arabia. We did our research on this subject, and it was clear that one of the best ways to achieve this was through student clubs. By making financial literacy part of extracurricular activities, it would make it a more fun and engaging topic for the students and would also ensure that all students could participate in theClub, regardless of the major which they belonged to. We therefore set out to develop the framework, ecosystem and operational policies for the ‘Riyali Club’ as the Riyali initiative for universities.

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From Arabia
to the World


Working with nai to develop a brand that could be exported to the world from Arabia was nothing short of a shared dream come true. nai wanted a brand that would speak to the world of how great our Arabian culture is, and could carry an authentic Arabian message personified by its brand values.

Mihan, Riyada and Irshad

Empowering High School
Students through Career Exploration


Students require career education, advice and planning. They need to be provided with activities which utilize their existing knowledge, while enhancing their comprehension and stimulating their personal skills and capabilities. Students can therefore be pushed to discover, evaluate and apply new horizons and explore new fields of knowledge. Life consists of choices just waiting to be made and students need to be made aware of these choices.

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An Innovation Hub
for Impact Creation

Realizing Innovation

The Innovation House is a collaboration with Sultan Batterjee Holdings; it is a platform through which we aim to empower individuals and organizations, improving their quality of life and enabling them to positively impact their families, communities, and country. The innovative ideas and products generated through this platform help to facilitate a more resilient and sustainable society and help build families. Through The Innovation House, we develop products targeting and involving youth as well as empower individuals to develop their own innovative solutions.

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Learning to Collect,
Hold, Build and Release


As part of its CSR program, SEDCO already has financial literacy programs for different grade levels of students in Saudi Arabia: Ashbal, Shabab and Rowad. However, middle school students were not addressed in these programs, and so we were approached to help fill this gap. We are therefore designing a financial literacy program for students between the ages of 12 and 14 in order to empower them with the capabilities to make sound financial decisions as they progress in life. The program aims to help them make thoughtful, well-informed financial decisions, both in the short and long term.

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"What the body can’t do, the mind can imagine and the heart can feel"

Ziad Jarrar

Founder/Chief Design Officer

"Creativity is the most powerful modus to solve any human challenge."

Fadil Alireza

Chief Design Officer

"To draw, you must close your eyes and sing."

Mahmoud Elkalaaoui

Business Director

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.”
- Steve Jobs

Sarah Abuzeid

Business & Strategy Designer

آمن أنت أولاً بفكرتك، عندها سيؤمن بها"
- Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud

Eman Felali

Sr. Design Lead

"Each person has a story that deserves to be told."

Mohammed AlHashmi

Sr. Design Lead

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."
- Theodore Roosevelt

Khaled Zena

Sr. Design Lead

"Words and ideas can change the world."
- Robin Williams

Talha Ansari

Design Lead

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