Saudi Culture


We have designed Taleed to be a brand that is practical, confident, wise, professional, and approachable. It is trustworthy, transparent, engaging and collaborative in its relationship with others. It embodies a culture that is Saudi, value-driven, respectful and responsible. Taleed has a forward-thinking, mature and powerful self-image; and is innovative, ambitious, knowledgeable and an enabler. Such a brand essence sets the stage for Taleed to be an entity that is able to live up to its promise of making every cultural narrative relevant to its authors.

With respect to the logo itself, we used the golden ratio to create balance in the logo. In addition, we leveraged the various culturally historic geometric shapes found across Saudi Arabia and retranslated these shapes to become a part of the brand identity. The right angles in these shapes represent order and rationality. Together these shapes also indicate peacefulness, solidity, security and equality. All of these various attributes are in perfect harmony with the essence of the brand itself. Additionally, the white and black colors used exemplify intangible and tangible aspects of culture respectively. Intangible refers to aspects that can be felt but not seen, and tangible refers to aspects that can be both seen and felt. Last but not least, the shapes and patterns used as part of logo are commonly seen as components of the designs of traditional Saudi materials.


This is Taleed’s goal, in line with Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is built around three themes: a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation. We will empower this cultural regeneration through innovation and creativity, through expression and retranslation and through dialogue and knowledge-sharing, while using accredited methodologies and world-renowned expertise. We believe that cultural preservation, promotion and advancement can only be achieved through collaboration and when culture is shared with others; which is why we strive to be globally recognized through the work we do, the relationships we build and the lives we impact.

We aim to capture, write and preserve the cultural narratives that connect people and create understanding, tolerance and a love for diversity; through the organization of initiatives and creation of products and technologies that build awareness, share knowledge, form cultural experiences, and document all types of cultural assets. As a result, we aim to carry out a cultural canvas across Saudi Arabia with the objective of documenting various cultural attributes and producing a dynamic digital cultural archive, ultimately transforming our findings into modern products that can be shared on an international level. We will organize various events in different Saudi cities which will not only serve as a means for cultural exchange and the improving of cultural awareness and entertainment; but will also have a lasting impact on the cities themselves.


Taleed consists of three programs. The first program, Identification & Capture Program, aims to identify, document, and create an inventory of cultural elements. The second program, Engagement & Activation Program, aims to build awareness and trigger the national discourse on culture. This will be achieved through the organization of events and other initiatives which will engage the Saudi public as well as visitors to Saudi Arabia. The third and final program, Industrialization & Investments Program, aims to set up a cultural investment fund that will support the establishment and development of different parts of the Saudi cultural industry. It will also take part in knowledge transfer, assisting in the imparting of relevant cultural skills and expertise to Saudi youth. The projects and initiatives which are part of this program will therefore facilitate a sustainable financial model for the Saudi cultural industry.

“We are unified in our diversity.”

HRH Princess Haifa Bint Faisal Al Saud, Founder & Chairwoman, Taleed