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An Iconic Destination and one of the World’s next Greatest Gathering Places
Diriyah, the birthplace of the first Saudi state, the Jewel of our Kingdom and the Land of Kings & Heroes.
Within Diriyah lies At-Turaif, the Kingdom’s first seat of government and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010.
Since September of 2018, our work to prepare the Jewel of the Kingdom to become one of the world’s greatest gathering places has become a passion of ours and has given us a great sense of our rich cultural & historical narrative and the importance of Diriyah, as the first Saudi State, to our Kingdom today.
The Challenge
Our engagement with DGDA began when the authority was in it’s early operational stage. Hence, building the overall brand experience was key in order to differentiate between DGDA, the government authority & regulator, the destination developer, and the cultural organization mandated with protecting and promoting Diriyah and the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Process
We first started by mapping out the brand, understanding what DGDA does, who it serves, what its mandate is and, more importantly, how it is going to achieve the core purpose of making Diriyah into one of the world’s greatest cultural historical gathering places.
Defining DGDA’s 3 core pillars: being a good neighbour, a professional developer and building an iconic destination; helped us understand the type of brand experiences we needed to develop.
Each of the above pillars played a crucial role in defining the overall brand value and how to transform that value into a currency to be exchanged with our stakeholders, beneficiaries, community and visitors.
As a good neighbour, we developed the Community Shared Value department within DGDA and identified several programs, activities and channels to utilize in order to build relationships, strengthen our community engagement and have our community advocate for the work DGDA is doing.
Building the foundation as a professional developer, we understood that this was not any development project, rather a cultural/historical development with the intention of bridging our rich heritage & cultural past with a modern destination that has all the amenities one would expect of any giga city development.  From building the destination brand of Diriyah Gate and producing the groundbreaking ceremony of the Royal Inaugural Celebration of Diriyah Gate to designing the sales experience strategy of Wadi Safar, as a professional developer, DGDA is on its way to becoming the first realized giga development in the Kingdom.
With At-Turaif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at its heart, building the iconic destination of Diriyah meant using the core essence of our DNA; and that which makes this cultural/historical destination so different than other sites also gave us an edge and helped us to become the first operational giga project in the Kingdom.  From Formula E starting in 2018 and the opening of At-Turaif to the world, to a calendar of seasonal events such as Layali Diriyah, Classic Car Show and Diriyah Season, our work to capitalize and market Diriyah as a future destination became real and the visitor experience response was exciting.
The Experience
Building multiple brand & marketing strategies/experiences to support DGDA across the 3 pillars helped shape the image and reputation DGDA enjoys today in the Kingdom and to some extent, around the world.
We’ve designed and brought to life with various implementation partners the Diriyah Welcome Centre that tells the history of Diriyah through engaging technologies and experiences, and we’ve curated the story & visitor experience for the first opening of At-Turaif during the 2018 Formula E season which saw visitors, celebrities, VIPs and heads of state from around the world.
Today, our relationship with stakeholders, beneficiaries, our community and visitors stands on a solid foundation of trust, appreciation and the knowledge that our dream of building Diriyah into one of the world’s next greatest gathering places is on its way to becoming a reality, making it the pride & patriotic narrative of every Saudi in our great Kingdom.



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