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Making Financial Literacy Exciting for University Students
As part of their Riyali initiative, SEDCO needed to develop a program that would help improve the financial literacy of university students in Saudi Arabia. SEDCO wanted to upgrade the financial literacy curriculum they already had in place, enhancing their presence in Saudi universities and creating a greater impact. To this end, we proposed and developed a creative and inspiring program that could completely replace the existing curriculum: Riyali Club.
The Challenge
How do you develop a financial literacy program that imparts financial management skills to university students in an enjoyable and engaging manner? This could only be possible if the method of delivery appealed to the target age group, facilitating their participation and so enhancing the impact the program would have. The program also needed to be accessible and suitable for all university students, regardless of their major.
The Process
We carried out extensive research and did benchmarking that helped us to understand how universities worldwide have successfully implemented financial literacy programs that have received widespread participation from amongst the student body. We built on this information and integrated it with the insights of locally-based university students, former club members and university club supervisors. It was these insights that enabled us to develop an experience that was just what our users needed. This led to the creation of the Riyali Club Toolkit, which provided club members with resources to organize their own activities related to specific financial topics. We also developed an online portal which the Riyali Clubs in different universities could use to document their performance, enabling healthy competition between the universities.
The Experience
The pilot phase of Riyali Club was carried out during the Spring 2019 semester at 6 clubs at 5 different universities across Saudi Arabia. The experience made financial literacy topics more approachable for university students and provided them with important life skills. The Riyali Club slogan, ‘Learn it your way!’ was lived by the students as they had the freedom to organize their own creative financial activities and experience firsthand how learning can take place in so many fun and engaging ways. Some of the students  held a currency competition, others arranged a 'financial clinic’ and at one university, they  organized a time capsule-themed event centered around the topic of inflation. These activities were complemented by the user-friendly digital platform we developed, making the experience accessible and trackable, and providing a means for us to communicate with the clubs. As we recognized the clubs with the best performance at a networking event at the end of the semester, we also collected valuable feedback that has helped to make the Riyali Club experience even better!



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