From Arabia
to the World


Working with nai to develop a brand that could be exported to the world from Arabia was nothing short of a shared dream come true. nai wanted a brand that would speak to the world of how great our Arabian culture is, and could carry an authentic Arabian message personified by its brand values.

The brand was designed to create impact on more than just its consumers; it was designed to have a positive impact on the communities it lives in, operates in and shares it’s values with.

nai evokes the richness, diversity and culture of all of Arabia… a unique brand; healthy and authentic and infused with our Arab traditions.


nai was created to be a modern, transparent and ethical brand; which respects and reflects on Arabia’s rich cultural traditions of hospitality, generosity and kindness. The company is therefore developing a range of food and beverage products that taste great and are unique, natural, and healthier; products that are proudly Arabian, paying tribute to popular recipes from the Arabian rich culinary tradition. nai has therefore revived Arabian flavors and fused them into a product line, enabling individuals everywhere to have their own unique Arabian moments.

The founders of nai believe that they can and should strive to do better; for their families, for themselves and for Arabia; their region which they are proud of and which they believe has an important positive story to tell. They strongly believe that they have a responsibility to give back, and to inspire good across Arabia; they aim to play a real and active role within their communities, be it through extensive charitable work or something as simple as reminding people to smile. Similarly, they aim to share their entrepreneurial journey with others so that others may learn from their successes and failures.


nai is indeed a brand which has expanded its reach from Arabia to the world. Its products are currently available in the Middle East and North America. In this way, the brand has achieved its objective of sharing Arabian values with the world, and we have facilitated this process through our work on the company’s website and all brand collateral related to digital communication and marketing. It is a pleasure to have this ongoing collaboration with nai as part of which we are able to support their initiatives through our designs.

“How does one - from nothing - create a brand that can - in a respectful, modern and unique manner - consistently communicate the vast richness, heritage and culture of Arabia?   That’s not easy.  At all.  This is an issue that we struggled with at length.  Yet what has helped is that nai’s relationship with Taurus is not typical of the client agency model.  We view Taurus not just as service providers but as partners, friends and - genuinely - family.  Over time we have built an honest, collaborative and solutions-oriented relationship.  We worked long and hard to jointly create a brand that we hope will continue to resonate with nai’s customers, team and partners.   The process is never easy but there is an inherent level of trust and respect that always helps us find a way.”

Founder/CEO of nai