Corporate Digital


Goody Corporate approached us so that we could work with the company on improving its presence across different social media platforms. It wanted to further activate Goody’s digital platforms in order to build its corporate equity via effective consistent communication with its target audience. It also wanted to more seamlessly interlink different communication channels to optimize effect while ensuring that there was consistency in the messages delivered and the tone used to deliver these messages. The company wanted to ensure that its brand’s personality was clearly integrated into any content communicated, and that such content was presented in a creative and visually engaging manner, leading to productive discussions.


To address these challenges, we first did relevant research and benchmarking. This was followed by creating a digital personality for Goody Corporate, in consultation with the Goody team. In our research on the top brands on social media, the word ‘humanize’ constantly kept coming up. In today’s environment, merely having a brand personality is no longer sufficient; this personality needed to be humanized, and this holds relevance from the perspective of human-centered design as well.

As a result, we developed a personality that gave a more significant human dimension to Goody Corporate’s identity as well as fit the company’s values, beliefs, and behavior. We were then able to proceed with identifying and prioritizing social media goals for the company, while making sure that these goals were SMART (strategic, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely). Accordingly, we built a strategy in accordance with the company’s personality that targeted its goals via activities addressing internal and external stakeholders.


The social media strategy we devised for Goody is currently being executed in an iterative revision process in accordance with relevant new information. This strategy not only developed the company’s brand personality, but also specified a theme for each social media platform which the company is actively using. We therefore assisted the company in developing content (i.e., posts) for these platforms that is in accordance with these themes.

We also assisted Goody with the content prepared for other communication channels, whether it be newsletters or the company website. What is more, we have designed appropriate visuals for the company, particularly those used for special events or as greetings during different holidays. All of this content, whether text or images, has been in compliance with Goody Corporate’s digital personality.