An Innovation
Hub for Impact


The Innovation House is a collaboration with Sultan Batterjee Holdings; it is a platform through which we aim to empower individuals and organizations, improving their quality of life and enabling them to positively impact their families, communities, and country. The innovative ideas and products generated through this platform help to facilitate a more resilient and sustainable society and help build families. Through The Innovation House, we develop products targeting and involving youth as well as empower individuals to develop their own innovative solutions.

Our products are evidence-based, modular and have self-inclusive designs. They are also technology-based or incorporate technology into their designs. All these products can be used by individual users, groups, and organizations; are available in both Arabic and English language formats; and are easy-to-use and effective. Through our efforts, The Innovation Hub has given birth to two amazing products: The DayDreamer’s Toolkit and the Vows App.


The DayDreamer’s Toolkit is a trigger for innovation. Through it, we help shape minds and trigger possible solutions for challenges individuals may face in their lives or may be faced by their families and communities. It is a proprietary methodology through which daydreaming leads to innovative solutions for challenges faced around the world.

“It’s a great tool to assess and help organizations or designers or people, in general, to become more creative and productive.”

The DayDreamer’s Toolkit Workshop Participant

We believe that one of the easiest ways to foster creativity is take daydreams seriously. Indeed, a good daydream is not an escape but rather a tool for exploring solutions when using The DayDreamer’s Toolkit. The DayDreamer’s Toolkit therefore helps its users to capture their daydreams, empowers them to think effectively, enables them to come up with innovative ideas and validate these ideas, and assists them in innovating new products, services and solutions. It leads to self-development by enabling individuals to dive deep within themselves to discover their potential for creating impact.


Vows is an app which helps strengthen the relationship between married couples by enabling the couple to get to know each other better, and by helping each one of them be better aware of the needs of their spouse. We have included various features in Vows that enable the couple to be more mindful of what their partner is thinking and feeling.

Starting with a personality test, based on 16 personality types, Vows immediately bridges the gap of understanding and tells an individual about their partner’s personality type, behaviors and personal preferences in relevance to the various situations they may face as a couple. They can thereby understand how their spouse prefers to deal with these situations, creating understanding and diffusing stress.

Vows also makes it easier for spouses to appreciate one another and contribute to each other’s happiness. By improving the friendship and intimacy between a husband and wife, the App helps prevent future misunderstandings or conflicts. In this way, we are helping to improve the quality of life of the whole family.